At Stages Cycling, we’re extremely proud of our cycling heritage, both indoors and outside. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re particular about when, how, and where we ride our bikes. You could call it an obsession. Stages cyclists have won 11 World Championships and 4 Grand Tours in the last 3 years.

Our customers have high expectations and demand a little bit more from their indoor cycling experience. Whether they're focused on performance cycling, rhythm, or both, they go the extra mile to create an extraordinary experience for their members. Their studios feature the best equipment, knowledgeable instructors, and the highest standards.

The Approved Stages Cycling Studio program recognizes the studios that have demonstrated the same passion for cycling as Stages does, and are sure to provide the best cycling experiences for their riders.


  • State of the art Stages SC bikes with power meters

  • Instructor Essentials certified instructors who understand power and how to train with it 

  • Power based classes on the weekly schedule

  • Clean, well-maintained bikes 

  • An on-staff internal Stages Ambassador

  • All SILVER features, plus:

  • Stages Flight to enhance your indoor cycling experience and training 

  • Certified Stages Flight instructors

  • Monthly scheduled FTP testing

  • All SILVER & GOLD features, plus:

  • State of the art AV system with great picture and sound quality

  • The highest quality instructors with a Stages Ambassador, Pro, or Master Educator delivering regular classes 

  • Active promotion of indoor and outdoor riding 


"Indoor cycling has always been a credit to the success of the Chelsea Harbour Club, a recognised landmark facility in London’s west end, so it was a significant decision to introduce our Stages Studio to the estate in 2015: 30 bikes, movement-to-music lighting, and advanced audio visual technology,” Martin Evans, Group Sales Director explains. “At that time Stages Indoor Cycling was new to the UK industry, and riding with power was relatively unknown amongst members. We decided to take the risk, educate our instructor team to the highest level and drive a real step-change in the way that we deliver indoor cycling to our members. Since adding Stages Flight, our members now not only enjoy the diversity of classes, but see real results too.


"Having caught the ‘bug’ for power, the member culture really shifted. Now part of a peloton of their own that rides outside on a weekly basis too, they see their results indoors and out and are more motivated than ever. Credit to our outstanding instructor team, four of whom are official Team Stages Ambassadors, and drive our product every day."

A triathlete since 2008, founder Alison Zemanek witnessed first hand the gear change in results that training with power can generate; results powerful enough that Alison opened BreakAway Longmont to share what she had learned as an athlete and indoor cycling coach: “I wanted to take indoor cycling a step further, but for people like me, who weren’t super serious cyclists; who could still appreciate the benefits of external power feedback and a more structured training environment. To make this possible, it was important to us to choose a company with the same vision for indoor cycling as our own.

“As clients learn more about riding with power, it becomes more important to them that the power readings are accurate and consistent.

“Education by Stages Cycling taught us there is no reason for riding with power to be complicated and dull; we can have lots of structure and purpose in a class without losing rider interest. In fact, we’ve found the opposite… dialed in with everything else, it makes class even more engaging for our riders.

“I knew these bikes would be a huge hit at the studio, and they were! From comfort and fit, regular FTP testing, through to class booking and real-time feedback and program structure with Stages Flight, our members love that there is no questioning that they’re making fitness and power gains.”

Indoor Cycling studio Venning Ride opened in 1998. “I decided a few years ago that it was time to prioritise our long terms goals as a studio. I was focused on three things: longevity of the business, coaching our members through the use of performance data and making sure we kept current by choosing leading innovators in fitness as our key partners.”

In 2016, Paul Venning introduced his riders to the SC3 and certified his instructor team with Stages Instructor Essentials. Now a key member of the Stages Studio community, Paul and his crew deliver power-based classes on the weekly schedule.

“We’ve started a really exciting journey with our members centred around how they can use power metrics to motivate themselves and continue to progress. We use the Stages bikes to create an authentic cycling environment with great music, data and the smoothest ride that I think a rider can have.”

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