Born from our success in the indoor studio and with our Stages Flight group display technology, Stages Solo is a commercial performance bike for the cardio floor. Stages Solo provides a real bike feel, an engaging cycling interface, diverse ride journeys, highly accurate training feedback, the ability to track fitness goals and achievements over time.

Adding a new level of motivation, Stages Solo is designed for the rider who wants the exhilarating cycling experience of the studio but in a personalized, single-rider environment.



  • The magnetic brake arm and CarbonGlyde drive system are maintenance-free.

  • Stages Power auto zero resets to ensure the most accurate power data.

  • The Solo software auto-updates and new rides are delivered wirelessly during evening hours.

  • Entertainment and ride content is stored locally, so there are no large bandwidth requirements.




Riders of all fitness levels and experience will find motivation and success on the Stages Solo bike. Every ride is personalized, based on an individual’s FTP and desired ride type. Riders can set goals and track results over time. Accuracy points are earned and accumulate over time, and a list of unlockable achievements entice riders to try their legs at a variety of challenges.



Select your ride style, then your desired workout duration: 15, 30 or 45 minutes.


Stages Beats Solo


Stages Mix Solo


Stages Coach Solo

When the music starts, do you find yourself tapping your toe to the beat? Are you moved by the power of a song? If so, Stages Beats rides are for you.


Painstakingly crafted with music as their centerpieces and designed to motivate you and get your heart pumping, these rides are guaranteed to keep you moving.

Where entertainment and training meet, Stages Mix rides are built around visual and auditory artistry. A musically driven experience drives you to attack structured power zones designed to maximize your calorie burn and achieve new results.

Stages Coach rides are all about the intensity profile. Crafted with progress and performance in mind, these rides are ideal for cyclists who love a structured ride and are driven to achieve goals. Stages Coach rides carefully consider work to recovery ratios and workout efficiency to maximize success.

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