Increase membership retention with an engaging group exercise experience

As fitness facilities look to welcome members back inside the facility following the global pandemic, many are looking to emerge with new and engaging programming for group classes. Enticing members back to group classes is a key strategy for membership retention and growth, where many may have become accustomed to at-home fitness apps. A connected group display program marries the engaging digital fitness experience with the social camaraderie of being back in the studio. A workout to follow along with on screen, instant data feedback, and encouragement from fellow classmates is an unbeatable combination for anyone to redefine their fitness goals. Stages' advanced group display system has been proven to increase class attendance on average by 25%, resulting in increased membership retention. Research done by Bain & Company found that increasing member retention rates by only 5% in turn increased profits from 25% upwards of 95%.

While most studios remained closed due to the global pandemic, Stages spent 2020 hard at work building a new software platform for its customers, with their business needs in mind. Stages Cycling has been a leader in group display systems since 2016 when it debuted StagesFlight, an interactive group display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually while in a group environment. Beginning cyclists to pro level racers can all be in the same class, getting the same workout, while simultaneously setting personal goals and tracking their performances. Instructors deliver incredible classes, and present their clients with value and results.

Stages Cycling took its learnings from StagesFlight and is excited to launch a new product suite of cloud-based software solutions for the group exercise studio called StagesStudio, and later this year, StagesStudio Now, a streaming app for studio members to connect with their club’s content from their home.

StagesStudio has three product levels to meet the needs of both power and rhythm studios, allowing any studio vision to come to life. Instructors receive unparalleled tools for crafting and practicing their classes from anywhere, and administrators use studio monitoring tools for preventative maintenance. StagesStudio PRO provides an interactive group display experience for members, who follow along with the on-screen workout and ride to power zones prescribed just for their level. StagesStudio PRO+ adds a video layer for the ultimate immersive experience. StagesStudio LITE simply offers behind the scenes feedback for the studio administrator as well as for members, who receive post-workout emails with their ride analytics.

I have been teaching indoor cycling for over 20 years and have always developed my classes to not only challenge members but to help them improve. I had always relied on heart rate monitors for members to track their progress, so it was a complete game-changer when we invested in Stages Bikes with power meters and group display. Where heart rate data is delayed, data from the power meter provides instant and accurate feedback on each members’ work. With Stages’ group display system, I could write power-based workouts and the software allowed for each member to have a personalized ride experience, based on their FTP. Stages group display allows members to link their personal accounts to their bike, giving them a personalized goal, and offering the best possible ride, every time. I can’t wait to get back into our studios, as I have dreamt of the experience I get from teaching with Stages group display technology from the first day I started spinning. -Mackenzie Patrick, Bay Club Oregon Instructor

It has been widely accepted that increased group exercise attendance leads to an increase in membership retention. A Nielson study of group fitness class participants around the world concluded that more than 85 percent come to the club twice a week just to participate in the group classes. The investment in an engaging group fitness experience for your current members has proven returns. It has been reported that it costs nine times as much to acquire a new member as it does to retain an existing one (Club Industry).

Join over 400 clubs and boutique cycling studios world-wide using Stages Cycling’s group display technology, create an irresistible group exercise experience, and give your members a program they can latch on to when doors open back up again.

Reach out to TheTeam@stagesindoorcycling.com to find out more or book a demo with Kristin Markey, Stages Cycling Global Business Development Director.