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A Creative Response to Closed Studio Doors

CampusCycle in Iowa, USA has not let the COVID-19 global pandemic get them down, and was quick to figure out a creative way to adapt. Lyndsey Fennelly and her business partner Kelsey Carper chose to remain positive and have been embraced by an enthusiastic member base in return.

CampusCycle typically offers 45-minute high energy and beat-driven indoor cycling classes at its two locations in Iowa, USA. Providing a fun and supportive fitness community is always a top priority for CampusCycle, so when the COVID-19 pandemic meant shutting studio doors, the owners were quick to adapt.

Between its two studio locations, CampusCycle has 47 indoor cycling bikes and made the quick decision to rent them out to members for home use while the studios are closed. Members were incredibly eager for the opportunity, and all 47 bikes were rented out within 72 hours. Fennelly said they were impressed with the demand for renting the bikes and created a wait list as well.

"People want to move and we are thrilled to offer this option. We would rather they collect sweat than cobwebs."

CampusCycle is offering two live-streamed classes a week so far, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Anyone in the CampusCyle community with a stationary bike at home is encouraged to join virtually. Nearly half of the instructors at CampusCycle have a bike at home and have been instrumental at bringing the virtual workouts to life, offering their workouts. "Our staff is our greatest asset" comments Owner Fennelly.

Free total body workouts are also offered 3 days a week for those that don't have access to a bike. The CampusCycle community can support the business by purchasing gift cards or retail items, which are getting shipped as desired.

Keeping a strong social media presence has also been a priority for CampusCycle in keeping members engaged with the brand. "While our doors are closed, our chance to serve others is not" explains Fennelly. "It's not lost on me how inspirational our coaches are, so encouraging them to be positive, with strong voices is important. Our core values don't change during this time - care, consistent, community. We are striving to build this still daily, and make a great difference in peoples' lives."

Feedback from members on the virtual workouts has been wonderfully positive, and CampusCycle's community has been as grateful as its owners. "We filled a need to cover our fixed costs and they filled a need to continue to sweat on the bikes" says Fennelly. A plan for when doors re-open is still in the works, but the owners are looking at adding online workout options permanently, after observing the positive impact so far.

Words of advice from owner Lyndsey Fennelly?

"Don't give up!"

"Whether you're reading this as a business owner, or as a member of a cycling community, I'm convinced the best way to view this is to consider that something better is ahead for us all by staying the course, treating people right, listening to authorities, and taking care of the people we love.

One of the hardest things I've done is close the spin rooms at both studios to empty floors without any bikes, thinking back to how it looked that way when we opened 3 years before. It was an empty, pun intended, feeling, but we have hope for our business, our community, and the human spirit."

Check out CampusCycle here on the web, and give them a follow: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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