The 2019 Global data report is in.

The 2019 Global data report is in.

We are grateful for our partners that have attributed to the growth of our global community of riders from all areas of the Stages Indoor Cycling Ecosystem - from Stages Flight to Stages Solo.

Here’s what some of that data looks like:

+ Stages Flight riders have more than doubled to over 137,000

+ Over 1.1 million rides were completed in 2019

+ That’s an average of more than 3,100 rides a day

+ And stacks up to nearly 14 million miles ridden

+ That’s 555 trips around Earth, 456 million calories burned and equals 1.8 million cheeseburgers

Thank you to our riders, supporters and team for their support and belief in us. Our energy, employees, and future planning revolve around one topic: the cyclist and the cycling experience. We are 100% cycling.

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