New product: Stages Indoor Cycling extends 100% cycling ecosystem with bike for the gym floor

2018 saw the launch of Stages Solo, the newest bike release from Stages Indoor Cycling. A bike borne from Stages’ success in the indoor studio, Stages Solo is the commercial performance bike for the cardio floor, with a real bike feel, engaging cycling interface, diverse rider journeys and the ability to track fitness goals and achievements over time.

Stages is excited to promote two new cardio floor bikes. Les Mills partnered with Stages Cycling last summer to create the first Les Mills Virtual bike, their own branded version of Stages Solo on which riders have the choice of RPM™, Sprint™ or The Trip™ outside of the studio. The second model in this new collection of gym floor products from Stages is designed to make cycle programs accessible to a wider group of people — and and encourage members to try live classes..

We caught up with Ian Krieg, Commercial Fitness Equipment Territory Manager for Stages Indoor Cycling, who has been managing the installation of Stages Solo and Les Mills Virtual bikes across Northern California, Northern Nevada, Arizona and Utah since the first units started shipping in 2018. Here Ian walks us through the new releases and what his US customers have been saying.

“Stages Indoor Cycling has been installing indoor bikes in to group cycling studios since 2015 and serving the outdoor market long before that. We have always maintained our core business is 100% cycling and since 2015, have added a group display technology (Stages Flight) and a suite of education and programming to our cycling ecosystem to support our customers.

“Our sales team starts every project by understanding the successes and challenges customers are facing with their group exercise business, programming and participation. At the very root, Stages Solo was borne from customer aspirations to make cycle programs accessible to a wider group of people, more of the time.”

Since the first prototype release at IHRSA 2018, news of the new bikes have been shared between Stages Cycling and Les Mills customers up and down North America and across the world from Dublin, California to Oman, Costa Rica, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Ian continues: “What’s universally exciting to our customers about the new release is that it is a proven, quality bike, includes fun, unique features like SprintShift and the power meter is accurate and consistent. Now our customers can offer a fun and entertaining experience that mirrors that of the studio, on the gym floor. The science-based rides are created by cycling coaches and the plug and play engineering means there is no need for fast internet connections or wild installation needs to get riding.

“We’re excited that both bikes can help our customers close new memberships when they are giving tours and actively drive new group exercise participants by offering a studio experience on the gym floor outside of scheduled cycling classes and for those new to studio cycling.”

Stages Solo and Stages Flight

“For existing Stages Cycling customers launching Stages Flight and looking to grow their group exercise program, Stages Solo is their Stages Flight for a single user on the gym floor. It directly helps to expose the fun of Stages Flight group exercise and their studio program to members who spend the majority of their time right now on the ‘cardio floor’.

“Since Stages Solo plugs right into the Stages ecosystem, the data collected by Solo on the gym floor can be captured and tracked via the Stages Flight app. So now, whether a member takes a Stages Flight class, rides on Stages Solo, or even rides outdoors, all that data can be tracked in one easy place; one hundred percent of their cycling data lives on the Stages ecosystem to fully enable members to reach their goals.

Les Mills Virtual Bike and class program collection

“Facilities who already have an expansive schedule of Les Mills classes have chosen the Les Mills Virtual bike for the gym floor because the bike already speaks the same Les Mills ‘language’ as the class programming and presenters in the studio.

Some customers are choosing both

“Still some clubs choose both bikes for the gym floor; Stages Solo for rhythm or performance with data tracking and Les Mills Virtual bike for the entertainment experience. In other words, there are different styles of classes on each bike that can fit different styles of riders and club models — we just helped one customer launch three of each on their gym floor.”

Joe Solis at East Valley YMCA tells us how it is: “I’ve been able to give our members an opportunity to ride some of the best bikes in the industry. I love seeing our members excited to try something new and be able to give them a different experience. Nowadays it’s no longer just coming to the gym and walking on the treadmill, it’s about the experience and feel we’re able to offer our members. Stages is able to give our members this opportunity; either on a Stages Solo bike or on a Les Mills Virtual Bike, our members are able to rev up their workouts. Both bikes are a great opportunity to get health seekers from our cardio floor into a live cycle class where they can experience a group ride. Our members and staff are loving our new venture with Stages!”

Ian continues: “We really go all in to help our customer partners fully invest in growing their group exercise and cycling programs. We’ll start with the most appropriate bike options. We’ll consider group display, map out an education pathway for their instructors and club teams. We’ll link that up with one or more virtual bikes on the cardio floor to help members discover the club’s group exercise offer / help drive members in to the studio programmes, and to help create a seamless member cycling experience.

“The net result is that members can go both ways, right — clubs are giving members the option of using the bike on the gym floor if they cannot get in to group classes. Members can spend their time in the cardio space or join the group community in the studio. As a business, we’re totally invested to help our customers build a really healthy cycling community — or cycling ecosystem if you will.”

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