SJK bring sport and a sense of community in the Seinäjoki region

In particular, the SJK Seinäjoki-based group, who are familiar with football want to create movement - to enjoy sports and fitness as well as create community improvements. Football Coaching is an important role here, but SJK does much more. It also takes care of the training of footballer’s parents and the wellbeing of local businesses. Eleiko are pleased to support all of this.

“Top-level sport is the essence of our products, it is supported by other activities and makes it possible”, says Sami-Petteri Kivimäki, SJK Group's business manager.

Top-level sport, he means soccer. The Baseball Region invests in sport heavily: SJK has plenty of junior activities, it collaborates with the local football team and SJK's coaching activities have been developed. The club now employs eight full-time football coaches.

The framework for the activities is enormous. SJK has OmaSp Stadium, and the versatile Wall Sport Arena has recently been renovated.

In the Wall Sport Arena hall you can train in football, go to the gym, play baseball and head to the sauna facilities, among others. The mission of the Arena is also to provide the best framework for child and youth physical activity, and to provide a fair and reasonable cost level for all possible services. During the day, the hall is available for schools.

“We reach a huge number of people through football, such as the player’s family members and supporters of SJK, who are passionate and have a huge interest in SJK”, says Kivimäki. “We also work closely wth local businesses. We organize a wide range of well-being days, for example, we just had a training and testing day for corporate management.”

The values of the SJK Group, such as courage, perseverance and family, appear on the Wall Sport Arena wall.

“As many as 250,000 people visit the Wall Sport Hall annually. We want to share our values with everyone.”

Although the top-level sport and success are important, Kivimäki says that the most important thing is what sport and exercise can give: the joy of doing, well-being and sense of belonging and being connected to a wide range of people.

“We also have special groups for children and youth groups in football. On the eve day, hundreds of preschool children were given the opportunity to try out and receive a diploma.”

The joy and pride of Eleiko

In the SJK's halls, the power of Eleiko's instruments and Wallsport Arena is topped by best in class Stages bikes. Marko Rantakäki, Eleiko Finland, is delighted that Eleiko can contribute to the wellbeing of a large crowd.

“For us, Eleiko has a source of pride in getting involved here”, he says.

Eleiko is the choice of professional sports physiotherapy - suitable for all

DBC Seinäjoki is part of the SJK Group. It offers, for example, physiotherapy and testing, sports services from personal coaching, to cardio sport as well as a variety of occupational well-being services. For example, Wall Sport Arena visitors to DBC are interested in parents of football leagues.

“We want to get the parents moving during their children’s workouts”, says Ali Laitasaari, physiotherapist and Chairman of the DBC Board of Directors. “The first parental training group has just started.”

When Wall Sport was renovated, Eleiko was involved in equipping the gym. For example, there were solutions suitable for cross-trainer type training. There has also been a great deal of focus on cardiovascular devices.

“Our concept enables accurate heart rate controlled interval training. For example, Stages bikes provide direct information on the progress of each trainer. People see their own development right from the bike’s screen display”, Laitasaari illustrates.

“Eleiko was an easy choice. Eleiko is renowned for quality”, Laitasaari sums up. “Thank you also for your reliable and sustainable cooperation. Markoon [Rantamäki] can always be relied on.”

Want to know more about Eleiko? We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Marko Rantamäki

Region Manager, Finland and The Baltics


+358 400 444 176



Jyrki Laakso

Customer Service, Finland


+358 400 179 205



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