Ride Higher: Latest Indoor Cycling Insights Report Revealed

In September Stages Indoor Cycling collaborated with Ministry of Sound and DOSE to create a week long event in London, called Riding High. Over five days, 1,200 riders were accompanied by live MCs, DJs, performers and the biggest sound system in the world. That week, Stages hosted an exclusive VIP event, ‘Riding Higher’, with a selection of the UK’s cycling studios, clubs and instructors to preview the latest indoor cycling insights report produced in partnership with the ukactive Research Institute.

Here Elena Lapetra, Commercial Director for Stages Cycling in the UK shares the aims of the research, what the fitness industry need to be cognizant of and how technology influences the studio experience:


“As the fitness market continues to grow, it is imperative that as operators, we continue to understand and cater to riders’ needs and remain innovative with regards to our cycling provision.

As the option to track metrics also grows, including comparable effort, watts, the ability to compare against your previous workouts and link to various fitness apps, we felt it was crucial to understand the correlation between the instructor and rider within a group cycling session and what their preferences are.


“As the indoor cycling world continues to grow in popularity, we were keen to get even more insight on rider and instructor attitudes with the aim of understanding not only user preference, but to gain greater insight into the user journey and how perceptions change. This will allow our industry to ensure we achieve greater value through our business and service developments – using this insight to inform choice, specifically for the respective portfolio.

“The report delves into how riders and instructors feel about indoor cycling classes and how they interact with technology as part of their cycling experience. The intention is for the report to give us, and the industry as a whole, valuable insight to help us to challenge our collective thinking and be more innovative. Our aim is that the studio experiences of tomorrow exceed what we believe is possible today.

- The more we understand what consumers want from their classes the better we can tailor these and the products to their individual needs, and the more people will keep coming back and continue to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.”

To download the report click https://www.stagesindoorcycling.com/riding-higher-event

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