Personalizing Power: Maximize Your Members Time in Flight

Using Stages Flight? Lead Coach Dennis Mellon tells us why to trial FTP every time.

“I've been getting a bunch of questions recently asking if I believe it's necessary for coaches to run an FTP test in every class. My answer is a definitive “YES!".

The Importance of Personalizing Power

“If we, as instructors, want to give our riders the full experience, it is crucial that their power gauges are reflective of their personalized power zones. An ideal situation would be that every rider has a user profile set-up at www.stagesflight.com, which includes their current FTP [Functional Threshold Power], and they make a bike reservation every time they plan to ride. This way, they have personalized power zones visible on the screen at the beginning of each class.

“You will find that some riders prefer not to upload a user profile and there will be new riders starting an exercise program, to whom the benefits of creating a profile are unknown. So, an effective way to help cover all bases is to perform a simple and short, three minute and 10-second effort test to personalize the gauges for each rider in the room, every session.

Everybody Wins with The Red Zone

“Oftentimes, instructors ask that if we do an FTP test in every class, are we dismissing riders who spent the time setting up their user profiles and online booking? Are we? I don't feel this way. Here’s why: once riders find their accurate FTP the first time, they can enable the “Lock FTP” function in the “heart rate and watts" section of their user profile settings. With their FTP “locked”, their power zones will not change with each FTP test, and they can ride in their own Red Zone, while those without profiles or current FTPs are testing to personalize their power zones for that class.

“Boom. Everyone is on board.

Get it Right, Every Time.

“Getting in the habit of regularly testing our riders means that as instructors, we can be assured that all intensity gauges are individualized for each rider, always. We can then use the principles of power and exercise science to give every rider a personalized workout no matter if they are a professional cyclist or a first timer.

“Since we’re using a rider’s fitness level to calibrate (personalize) their intensity gauges, we can make them feel successful during every session. And that’s pretty damn cool.”

Stages Master Coach, Dennis Mellon

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