Indoor cycling in Canada: what’s different this year?

Jamie Crane owns Dotmar Fitness. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Dotmar is Canada’s longest standing commercial fitness equipment distributor.

Jamie and the team have been the exclusive distributor partner for Stages Indoor Cycling in Canada since 2016 and have witnessed almost ten new product developments in that time.

“Clubs are diving in to indoor cycling provision at an increasing rate in Canada. In Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary there’s almost a studio cycling option on every corner, and Montreal is following fast. In the last twelve months, cycling studios have been popping up in rural communities for the first time. The sense of member community for group cycling is getting huge—it’s impressive that way,” says Jamie. It’s not surprising outdoor cyclists used to battling the brutal Canadian weather are getting in on the action too. “Outdoor cyclists are getting more involved and not just in studio classes. A number of our club partners have involved outdoor cyclists in their studio decision making processes as these guys are really excited about what Stages Cycling could offer them as outdoor cyclists, and they loved that they could keep track of data.”

We stopped Jamie during this year’s show season to ask him what else is different this year.

“I was seriously impressed with the new Stages Solo bike. To bring a realistic cycling option to the gym floor—it’s a great idea. We have a waiting list of clubs wanting to demo the Solo bike as soon as it becomes available and it’s so exciting to see how bringing Solo to the gym floor will increase the growth of group cycling occupancy for our customers and introduce more riders to new programming possibilities with Stages Flight. The feedback from our customers already running Stages Flight in their facilities has been incredible.

“To get members excited to come in to group cycling for the first time or for those that can’t make specific classes on the schedule, Stages Solo is awesome. Out here in Canada we’ve some real rural areas with tough terrain and bad weather areas, so our network in these spots can take real advantage of bringing Stages cycling programming to the gym floor.

“For indoor cycling, Stages Flight and the bike itself are paramount to me. We’ve just launched three new Stages Flight facilities in Toronto and one each in Montreal and Vancouver. Generally there’s more excitement around Stages Flight for us this year as a result of the increased adoption of group display technology and the demand on data from club customers. When I tried Stages Flight for the first time last year, as a competitive person and former athlete I was blown away by it and loved it. Group pursuits and races really opened my eyes to the potential experiences we can create for our own partners.

“The SC2 and SC3 bikes are still our hottest sellers; they’re pretty hard to keep up with. The most common comment we hear about SC3 is that our partners love the way it feels and rides and the updated SC2 has allowed our rhythmn-based partners to make further advances in their class experiences. The new black, white, grey colour scheme has also made custom branding much easier for these guys. Custom will continue to be huge for sure.

Les Wiehe, Director of North American sales for Stages Indoor Cycling, has worked closely with Jamie and the team since the beginning and witnessed the development of the market first hand: “Indoor cycling is not a cookie cutter business. The market - and its customers - have gotten more advanced in the last three to five years. Jamie’s fitness expertise and the team's keen knowledge of the health club, JCC, YMCA and boutique market allows them to make solid recommendations on specific business needs and the experiences our customers are looking to create in the studio and on the gym floor."

Catch Jamie and the Team at Canfit Pro in Toronto, August 8-12, in their live sessions or on booth #1105 in conjunction with Stages Indoor Cycling or to set up a one-to-one with Jamie email info@dotmarfitness.com

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