The Stages SC1 is built for simplicity and function.
Boasting a solid steel frame with a focus on stability, the SC1 bike is designed to emulate the noticeably smoother feel of freshly cured asphalt that every cyclist yearns for. Ergonomically built and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC1 can be upgraded with the Stages Power meter and a standard battery powered console. The SC1 is our entry level bike, but still offers premium features.

Shipping is flat rate with a 2 week lead time.

LES MILLS on Demand special 20% discount price:


MSRP $2032  

Shipping $250 for Boxed, room of choice delivery



"I use my SC1 multiple times a week to escape into LES MILLS The TRIP™ workouts from my basement and its my favorite time of day. The SC1 is an unbelievably smooth ride and the bike feels bulletproof!"

TheTRIP riding at home



Gates® Carbon Drive™ Carbon Fiber Belt
  • Backed by Stages’ unparalleled 10-year warranty.

  • Combined with a 5:1 gear ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel, the SC drive system supplies a sublime feeling of inertia for that real outdoor experience.

  • NO lubrication, maintenance, or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v drive.

Fore/Aft Adjustments

Precision fit range and quick adjustment functions set indoor riders up for their next best performance.


Two minutes. That’s all it takes to dial in the ideal pop pin-activated height adjustments. By combining road bike geometry with our RhythmBar™ handlebar, StagesFit puts you in a safe, comfortable position for whatever the day’s ride requires.

  • The industry’s fastest adjustment system for handlebar and seat height adjustment – 5 times faster than standard twist- to-lock systems.

  • The pop pin height adjustment system creates a quick, comfortable and secure ride.

  • RhythmBar accommodates all rhythm hand positions comfortably.

"It was blatantly clear 15 minutes into “class” that this bike is a 1000% necessity. It's such a comfortable ride, and I know it was the right choice given my favorite LES MILLS instructors are riding Stages as well. I’m so excited to have this bike to pair with LES MILL on Demand content and to get the first real workout I’ve had in months."

- Abby

Stages SC2 owner and LES MILLS on Demand subscriber


Q: Can I add a Stages Power meter and/or console to the SC1?

A: Yes! You can add a Stages Power meter and the Stages SIC1 Console. Note this is a different version of the console that comes standard on the newest SC3. 

Q: Which bike do the LES MILLS instructors ride?

A: The instructors featured in RPM and SPRINT ride the Stages SC3

Q: How does the LES MILLS On Demand programming work with the bikes?

A: Use the SprintShift for quick resistance adjustments during class. Perfect for HIIT style workouts that balance short, powerful intervals with periods of rest.

Q: What other accessories can I add to my bike?

A: Check out other Stages Indoor Cycling accessories here and ask your rep when you click the email button.

Q: What size riders can use the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes?

A: The StagesFit system on the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes can accommodate a large range of heights, from approximately 4'10" to 6'10". Using our FitLoc system, the bikes are quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate a range of riders. The maximum user weight is 350lbs.

Q: What is the warranty on the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes?

A: SC3 and SC2 Frame: 15 years, SC1 Frame: 10 years

Carbon Drive Belt: 10 years

Mechanical Systems: 3 years

Electronics: 1 year

Wear Items (Saddle and Pedals): 6 months

Detailed information provided upon request. 

Q: What fitness metrics can I track if I chose to add the Stages Power meter?

A: The Stages console displays the following metrics: power, cadence, speed, heart rate, distance, calories

Q: How loud are the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes?

A: All three models of the Stages Indoor Cycling bike models feature Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belts. These belts are significantly quieter than traditional chain driven bikes, especially when in a classroom setting, where they are similar to a low conversational volume while being ridden at all speeds. Under normal use, a single bike puts out around 50-55 dB, which is can be compared to the noise level of rainfall or quiet conversation, but is slightly quieter than normal conversation volume. 

Q: Do the power meter or console require batteries?

A: The optional SIC1 console available on the SC2 and SC1 bike models requires three (3) "C" cell batteries. The Stages Power meter for indoor bikes requires 2 standard "AA" batteries with a projected battery life of over 2000 riding hours.